WestWorldFun is a blockchain light game that combines DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi.

With the popularity of the AXS project, the blockchain game project is breaking new highs. People are making money while playing games. This not only has the dryness and boringness of traditional digital assets in the chain, but…

Westworld is a metaverse world that deeply recreates human development and development. The timeline will span the barbaric period, the empire period, and the space period. There are a large number of unoccupied gold mines, land, and prey in the barbaric period. It is an adventure to grab wealth from…

As blockchain technology continues to make headlines, more and more people are interested in cryptocurrency, especially its value and potential to affect the financial industry. However, the average consumer will not understand what cryptocurrency is or why it is important, let alone the technology behind it.
Therefore, the public’s view on…



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